Hal Saflieni Hypogeum

The Hypogeum, or ‘underground cavity’, is a unique monument and superb example of Underground architecture.Excavation has yielded pottery, human bones, personal ornaments such as beads and amulets, little carved animals and larger figurines.

The Hypogeum consists of halls, chambers and passages hewn out of the living rock and covering some 500 square metres. The complex is grouped in three levels- the upper level (3600-3300 BC), the middle level (3300-3000 BC) and the lower level (3150 -2500 BC). The deepest room in the lower level is 10.6 metres under road surface. The upper level consists of a large hollow with a central passage and burial chambers cut on each side. The middle level consists of various chambers very smoothly finished, which give the impression of built masonry.

To ensure its conservation, the site’s microclimate is strictly regulated. For this reason, the site is open to a limited number of visitors each day. A tour of the site starts with a brief introductory exhibition and multilingual audio-visual presentation focusing on the temple building peoples and the Hypogeum’s relationship to Malta’s temple sites. To plan  sightseeing, one is advised to book ahead,  as tours are often full up to weeks in advance. You can book online for most of the tours by accessing the Heritage Malta website. Tickets are also available in person from the Hypogeum Visitor Centre in Paola and from the National Museum of Archaeology in Valletta.

8 tours will be conducted daily, from Monday to Saturday, starting on the hour from 9.00 till 16.00 (last tour).


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